Heather Cameron

Content Creator. Travel Writer. Graduate of Rhodes University's School of Journalism and Media Studies.

Welcome to my online portfolio. The following pages contain a few examples of my work. 

I am a content creator, travel blogger, and lover of words. Currently working in the travel and tourism industry in Cape Town, South Africa. Specialising in writing, editing, online marketing, social media and web content with three+ years of content creation experience. Completed a Bachelor of Journalism at Rhodes University; graduating with distinction in 2015.

I have been lucky enough to experience an eclectic mix of journalism and content story types, forms and styles; from travel to hard news, and arts reviews to editorials. From 2013 - 2015, I worked as a writer, Sub-editor, Copy Editor and Editor-in-Chief with Activate student newspaper.

In my downtime, I post to my personal travel blog which can be found at www.heatherscameron.wordpress.com. It's a place for me to compile my adventures, photographs and all of my great and not-so-great-but-funny-in-hindsight travel experiences.

Read, comment, enjoy.